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Website SEO audit services

Get A Comprehensive Audit and Action Plan for Your Website

You’ll need SEO knowledge to rank your website highly among your competition. When a website fails to rank or begins to slide in the SERPs, it is frequently due to a bad SEO approach. Our website SEO auditors will assist you in identifying and resolving your difficulties.

An SEO audit can help your search engine optimization plan go forward for both new and old websites. Prime IT, a major SEO consultant firm in Bangladesh, has a solid track record as an SEO auditing service provider. Let us show you, step by step, how we use our audit service to propel any and all websites to the top of SERPs.

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What Do You Mean by SEO Audit Service?

An SEO audit is a method of examining and assessing your website for search engine ranking elements in order to evaluate its strengths and flaws. The audit will thoroughly examine your website and identify any on-page and off-page performance concerns. You may then figure out why your site’s ranking is poor and start working to enhance it. SEO website assessments uncover issues and propose fresh suggestions for your future approach. You will be able to improve SEO strengths and eradicate deficiencies from your website using the information gathered from a full audit.

We will examine the SEO strengths and weaknesses of your present website as part of our SEO audit service. Our staff will look for on-page and off-page mistakes, as well as the content organization and quality of your pages. Any optimization scopes and tactics will be listed for your SEO team to comprehend. Finally, once we’ve received our audit report, we’ll create a search engine optimization blueprint for you to follow in the future.

We Will Audit Your Site’s Every Issue Precisely

We’ve been specializing in technical SEO audits for a variety of clients in various industries and rankings for years. To guarantee that your SEO strategies are effective, we will do a thorough analysis of your website and the environment in which your competitors operate. As a part of your audit, we will provide the following services:

Keyword Analysis

We'll look at your current keywords to help you figure out what your core SEO metrics are. The strengths and limitations of your site's keyword performance in comparison to your competitors will be assessed and evaluated.

Onpage SEO Audit

On each of your important pages, we'll look at your anchor text, heading tags, and title tags. More engagement, users, and conversions result from assessing your titles to optimize SEO qualities.

Content Audit

We believe that your website's content is its soul. Our staff understands how to evaluate content quality in order to increase user engagement. Allow us to examine your pages and fix any holes in your SEO strategy's content.

Backlinks Audit

The relevance of backlinks to a site's position and authority is well understood by our SEO audit team. We will assess the quality of your backlinks as part of our audit process, weeding out any irrelevant links and recommending a better strategy for you.

Technical Audit

Our technical SEO audit service was built from the ground up to uncover all of your site's underlying technical concerns. We'll look at your sitemap, server faults, backend coding issues, and robots.txt files to see if they're SEO-friendly.

Performance Audit

Over the years, our SEO audit team has done extensive and in-depth performance assessments on hundreds of websites. We'll pinpoint the issues with your site's health scores and loading times, as well as make recommendations for improvement.

3 Steps of SEO Website Audit Service Process

Step 01

Assessing the Website to Gain a Clear Understanding of Your SEO Status, Past Issues, and Future Objectives

Step 02

Analyzing Your Website’s Internal Metrics and Execute our SEO Audit Procedures

Step 03

Communicating our Audit Findings and Providing Our Strategic Suggestions to You

Importance of an SEO Audit

Without knowing where the hazards are, you won’t be able to develop a successful website for SEO. You can determine your website’s strengths, problems, and untapped potentials with a website SEO audit. You will know exactly where to concentrate your SEO efforts coming forward after a successful review and clear picture of your current site, saving you both time and money. You’ll know precisely where to improve your website after a thorough evaluation.

As an SEO auditing business, we’ve devised techniques for identifying the problems with your website. We’ll look at your website’s technical architecture to see if there are any methods to make it more effective. Our method will show you how to improve on-page SEO aspects as well as the structure of your website’s content. The audit procedures can also teach you how to improve your off-page basics for better search engine exposure. 

The conclusions of our analysis can help your website’s UX (user experience), engagement, and conversion rates. Overall, our SEO audit will ensure that your website complies with search engine and algorithm modifications.

Why Should You Choose Us For Your Upcoming Website SEO Audit?

No one compares to our degree of expertise as a global SEO auditing firm. Hundreds of websites have been evaluated by our staff, and we’ve optimized SEO techniques for businesses just like you.

Professional Audit Team

We have a team of seasoned SEO experts working for each and every client. Hundreds of clients have benefited from our comprehensive SEO audits, which have always yielded favorable outcomes. You may put your complete trust in us when it comes to your website.

In-Depth Analysis

Our experienced audit team will conduct an in-depth study of your website. Our audit approach considers all areas of website performance, including on-page and off-page features as well as technological components.

Problem Identification & Listing

During our thorough analysis phase, we discover and list your site's significant issues so you can comprehend them clearly. We examine what is preventing your website from ranking using a data-driven methodology.

Separate Reporting Section

For particular on-page, off-page, and technical performance issues, we will send you a supplemental report with sections that outline these issues. This should offer your team a good sense of what kind of solutions they could come up with for each of these areas.

Roadmap of Suggestions & Fixes

A roadmap explaining how to potentially remedy your site's concerns will be included in our audit report deliverable. Our team will present you with a strategy for moving forward with suggestions and fixes.

Fixing Support

We may provide repairing assistance for the report of all the faults we discovered during our audit for an additional cost. We will respond to questions you may have and provide the assistance you require.

We are Experienced in Every Sector of Website Audit

We have experience working on all types of site audits thanks to our years of providing website SEO audit services. We’ll use our combined experience to provide you with the finest possible delivery. We know company websites inside and out, from SEO to technological backend considerations.

Local Business

Local SEO concerns are taken into account as a part of our evaluation procedure. We've worked with local businesses before, and we have tailored our audit service to strategically magnify everything that matters to your company.

Affiliate Marketing

We've completed audits for affiliate specialized websites developed specifically for monetization on Amazon, eBay, and Wal-Mart. We know what an audit is and how to conduct one for any affiliate marketing website.

Services Website

Our audit can aid in understanding your SEO roadmap and increase performance if you have a service or portfolio website. We will adjust our product to meet your needs in light of these considerations.

Ecommerce Business

We have extensive expertise dealing with the unique and technological issues that ecommerce sites face as a result of our assessments. With our audit report, we will assist you in identifying the core issues with your ecommerce site.

Frequently Asked Question

You Could Have Questions in Your Mind, We Will Solve Your Queries in This Section.

We recognize that you need the audit report right away, yet we never skip a beat. As a result, it could take 14 working days for us to finish the SEO audit and provide you with a thorough report.

Click the “order” button on this page to request an SEO audit from Prime IT. It will lead you to the order form; fill out and submit the form, and we will give you an order confirmation message with directions for the following stages.

You will be given complete access to your client dashboard after you have finished your order. You’ll be able to reach us by live chat from there, and we pledge to respond quickly.

We compile a report and distribute it to the client portion of the dashboard after the audit is completed. We can also send the report to your email address if you choose.

We will deliver a complete SEO audit report for your website as part of this service. We will gladly work with you to begin resolving the concerns discovered during the audit. Please order the SEO services you require or contact us for a customize solution.

It’s crucial to remember that all of your information is kept private and secure in our hands. You will supply login credentials for the website, as well as search consoles, analytics, and c-panel access. We pledge to never divulge them, and the safety of our clients is our first priority.

If you have any queries, are having technical difficulties, or are unsure about anything, please contact us and we will assist you in understanding the report and resolving any issues that may arise.

Yes, we keep every bit of information about your site or identity completely safe and secure. Above all, we prioritize customer safety and take this responsibility extremely seriously.

Our services are designed to fulfill the highest standards and overall client expectations. You can, however, seek a refund if you don’t achieve the intended results as indicated. Visit our return policy page and read through our terms & conditions to learn more.

Yes, we provide website maintenance as a distinct service to our clients. Please feel free to contact us, describe your needs, and place an order if you require this service.

We recognize the importance of having a secure payment mechanism. PayPal, Payoneer, Visa, Master Card, Bkash, Rocket, and Nagad are among the safest payment options we allow.

Yes, Prime IT provides services based on our audit reports’ results. If you want to resolve all of the issues, we have a specialist SEO audit team that can assist you.

You can reach us via Live Chat in the Client Area or by submitting a support ticket on our website.

We’ll send you a three-part report with all of the information you need. We’ll first point out any problems in detail, then offer you a summary of your site’s present state. Finally, we’ll offer advice on how to deal with it, including a budget and a timeline.

Within 15 working days, we will give you with a comprehensive SEO audit report for your website.

For security reasons, we do not share any examples of previous SEO audit services.

No, we do not offer a refund policy for our SEO audit service under any circumstances. If you have any further queries, please contact us; our audit and customer support teams are happy to assist you further. We’ll assist you as long as it’s related to the service we promised.