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Monthly SEO Packages

Boosting Ranking and Double Your Traffic

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint, as every internet professional should grasp. Prime IT offers monthly SEO services to clients so that they can maintain their rankings and traffic growth. In order to maintain your position among your competitors, and eventually rise above them, your SEO approach must be improved and adjusted on a regular basis.

Our SEO experts have provided one-time and recurring services to a diverse range of clients. We’ll assess your current website, conduct keyword research, analyze your competitive landscape, and recommend a thorough approach that will help your company rank faster and higher over time. Our monthly SEO programs are effective, cost-effective, and tailored to the specific needs of each customer. Continue reading to find out more!

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Monthly SEO Plans Investment

SEO should be thought of as a long-term investment. To be genuinely effective and return on your investment in a marketing plan, it must be maintained on a regular basis. Rankings and criteria for search engines are continuously changing, and a smart company will make sure their website is up to date.

Organic search is still the most popular way for individuals to locate businesses. According to a Search Engine Journal poll, 50% of firms believe organic search offers the best ROI, while only 20% believe sponsored search has the best ROI. Furthermore, 75% of Internet users seldom look past the first page of results. This means that if your website does not appear on the top page, the majority of the public is unaware of your existence.

Your company will require a long-term SEO plan to improve and sustain its organic search ranking. Concentrating on SEO best practices is essential, but it will take time to implement. Your website will never fall behind if you use a managed SEO solution on a regular basis. Keyword optimization, link building, directory submission, web audits, and other analytics are among the monthly strategies. These measures will improve your website’s online exposure over time, allowing you to rank better on SERPs and attract organic traffic while also establishing your brand as valuable and trustworthy to the online public. Overall, SEO is a long-term commitment that we can certainly assist you with.

What Do Monthly SEO Packages Include For You?

Our monthly SEO packages offer a wide range of tools and methods to keep your website optimized. The following is a list of tactical actions that make up our ongoing SEO service:

Complete SEO Audit

On your present website, we will do a comprehensive SEO audit. We can then identify any issues that need to be addressed and begin developing an effective approach.

Keyword Research & Optimization

For your company, our staff will do keyword research. We examine the competition for your top keywords, as well as any new ones, and optimize their selections for the finest market chances.

Content Creation & Optimization

Any SEO enhancements that can be made to the content on your website will be assessed. Based on our findings, a new content strategy is applied in order to optimize your future creations.

Ranking Strategy Development

You must have a strategy in order to rank. We can assist you in developing it list of keywords and content that are most important to your business. Our plan will provide you with the best opportunity to rank.

Technical SEO

Our staff will examine every key technical aspect of your website, including its architecture, XML sitemaps, and more. We'll take care of any technical issues that are slowing down your site's performance.

Local SEO Optimizations

If there are any local SEO considerations, our staff will make the required changes to guarantee that your neighborhood is more visible. To enhance your local reach, we'll use geo-targeted keywords and content.

On-page Optimization

Our process begins with a thorough examination of your current site's on-page SEO. This includes keywords, titles, headers, and anything else that appears in the text of your website. Our SEO will make your pages stand out on the internet.

Backlinks Strategy

We'll build foundation backlinks for your site on a regular basis to give it a boost. Our team has contacts with relevant bloggers with whom we can communicate. Backlinks increase your authoritativeness, which improves your ranking chances.

Website Maintenance

We'll do foundation backlinks on a regular basis to help your site rank higher. We can reach out to relevant bloggers because our staff has ties with them. Backlinks increase your authoritativeness, which improves your chances of ranking.

How Does Monthly SEO Services Aid Your Business?

Every internet business needs monthly SEO services. While one-time services that find keywords or optimize current on-page content can be beneficial, they are unlikely to rank your website on their own. SEO necessitates a long-term strategy that can maintain organic traffic growth. With relevant, fully-optimized content and structure to your website, the top SEO consultants understand that their service must keep both your clients and the search engine happy.

Always keep in mind that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Because you’re running a marathon, you’ll need monthly SEO services to keep your ranking up. Websites do not rise to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) overnight. It takes time and effort to earn the trust of search engines and online searchers. There are hundreds of SEO criteria that play into the algorithm, and depending on your sector, your keywords and content preferences will be different.

To maintain pace with the ever-changing search landscape, regular monthly SEO is essentially required. Your most major competitors are almost certainly building their own monthly SEO programs in order to expand their businesses. People still find businesses like yours primarily through organic search results. As a result, your website must be built in such a way that it can attract as many online visitors as feasible.

Monthly SEO packages from a reputable service provider such as Prime IT can help you do just that. If you want to improve search engine rankings, further, and faster on Google, collaborate with us and we’ll do everything we can to make your dream come true.

Our Monthly SEO Plans (Technical SEO)

Back-end technical SEO is an important part of maintaining the health of your website. We offer technical overwatch and remedies for any difficulties that develop over time as part of our monthly service. The following are the various parts of our technical SEO:

SEO Plugin Integration

To provide your site with the best available SEO performance, we'll incorporate any and all important plugins, such as Yoast, Rank Math, or All in One SEO.


Our staff will look at your website's sitemap, which is the blueprint for how search results find you on the internet. Simply put, we'll make sure it's working effectively and efficiently.

Robots TXT File

Your robots.txt file instructs Google and other search engines which URLs on your site to crawl. Our team is qualified to review and modify this file for your benefit.

Google Analytics Setup

We can assist you with setting up your Google Analytics account to capture the most critical data from your website. From there, our experts will make sure you understand how to modify and analyze.

Google Search Console setup

We can help you set up Google Search Console on your website. This official tool will proceed to check the indexing and current visibility of your site on the internet.

Loading Speed

Our experts will do all possible to ensure that your web pages load as quickly as possible. Your sites should load in under 3 seconds for both us and your users.

Is Monthly SEO Services Costly?

Monthly SEO services often include a wide range of tools, methods, and regular upgrades to both the back-end and front-end of your website. As a result, the price of a monthly SEO service may differ. It depends on what you really want, what kind of organization you have, where you are now in the market, and other things like your location.

Monthly SEO services for small firms and e-commerce sites could cost between $350 and $2,000 in 2022. The cost of running an affiliate site might range from $750 to $1,000 each month. The expense of running a blogging site might be as much as $500 each month. Depending on the size of the company and the extent of the job, one-time SEO services can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000. SEO consultants’ hourly prices range from $50 to $200 per hour, depending on the package and team’s experience.

Overall, the cost of SEO services will be determined by your company and the services you require. The purpose of any SEO project, whether one-time or regular, should be guided by the objectives for your website and the growth of the company. As with anything else in life, you often get exactly what you pay for when it comes to SEO services.

At Prime IT, we strive to create a balance between our high-quality services and our aim to give our clients with efficient, cost-effective SEO service packages.

Why Choose Prime IT For Your Monthly SEO Services?

If you decide to partner with us, we’ll work together to know precisely whatever you want from our services and your investment. Some of the things that set us apart are listed below:

Industry Expert

Prime IT has a team of experienced professionals with a combined 12 years of professional experience with international clients. For your website, we'll know just what to do.

Performance Monitoring

Our dedicated expert team of SEO will monitor your website performance periodically. You do not need to worry about our service. As we handle each and every client separately with dedication.

Instant Support

If you have any problems or have a query about any aspect of our service, we guarantee that our team will be available immediately via email or chat.

52+ Countries Served

We have customers from more than 50 different countries. Our international reach defines our company, and we can assist you regardless of where you are.

Dedicated Project Manager

You'll have a professional project manager for each site if you acquire our monthly SEO service. As questions or issues occur, they will be focused and available.

30+ Active Clients

Our SEO team presently has more than 30 monthly SEO clients. If you choose to work with us, you can rest assured that you will receive our undivided attention and expertise.

Our Working Pattern is as follows:

We have created a process that has been proven based on our extensive knowledge in the realm of SEO and digital marketing. See the details of this procedure below, and know that if you choose to collaborate with us, we can put it into action for you:

Stage 1
Your Monthly Goal

To begin, you'll need to figure out what your monthly SEO target is. What are you looking for and why are you looking for it? This will influence which package you select as well as the scope of our work.

Stage 2
Choose SEO Package

Following our initial conversation about the service's anticipated objectives, your team will select a package from our list of service choices and finalize the order.

Stage 3
Audit Your Website

After selecting your package, we will audit your website and will identify what lackings your website has, and generate a primary report.

Stage 4
KW and Competitor Analysis

Our SEO professionals will next do a keyword competitor study on your behalf in order to identify the best chances for you to pursue within your present environment.

Stage 5
Execute Monthly Plan

Our monthly approach will be conducted frequently through your website for a variable number of keywords and other SEO tactics, depending on the package you choose.

Stage 6
Monthly Reporting

Our team will offer you a monthly SEO report to analyze after each month's execution. We can discuss the future plan at the end of each period.

Frequently Asked Question

We’ve experienced unique challenges and inquiries from clients many times during our years of delivering a managed SEO service. Here are some of the most often asked questions, with answers provided ahead of time:

Every significant white hat SEO approach, such as keyword and on-page improvements, will be implemented on a monthly basis and tailored to your individual business.

You may expect your site’s front-end contents and back-end infrastructure to be optimized to increase your search engine ranking with our monthly service offering. Our team and yours should improve the procedure, as well as your online ranking on SERPs, over time.

We can interact to decide any necessary adjustments in the plan based on the execution of each period and the monthly SEO report.

The time it takes to rank is vary and depends on a variety of criteria. Our goal is to improve your site so that it has the highest possibility of ranking rapidly. However, there is no guarantee that the timeline will be met.

To design a plan, we will first examine your existing backlinks. To vary your links and increase your website authority, we’ll use foundation backlinks. Then, in order to increase your site’s rating, we’ll use suitable blogger outreach backlinks. We guarantee that all backlinks will be manually created, spam-free, safe, and valuable to your organization.

It will take roughly 30 days to establish the preliminary work product for the first month of our monthly package. The execution period then fluctuates from month to month.

We are a group of seasoned professionals who understand how to assist businesses in improving their search engine rankings. With our monthly SEO service packages, we have over 450 online reviews, serving 52 countries, and now work with over 30 active clients. We guarantee that we will use our knowledge to develop tactics that are suited to your particular company and website in order to offer it the best chance of ranking.

Yes, you can contact us before placing an order if you have any queries or issues about our service, and we will try our best to respond.

Please contact us so that we can change or modify your SEO service plan based on your preferences for the next service period.

Yes, during our first stages, you can discuss any particular, special requirements you have via email or live chat, and we will endeavor to implement them.

Yes, as part of our service packages, we can give the best social media marketing services through your website.

You will be required to grant us administrative access to the website. We guarantee that all of your personal information and data will be kept completely confidential.

Choose the bundle that best suits your needs and your budget when ordering a monthly SEO service. If you’re unsure whether the package is right for you and your company, please call us for a free discussion. We will be pleased to address any inquiries you may have.

Yes, as part of their monthly execution, our team will conduct site maintenance, which includes technical SEO inspections and much more.

Your monthly SEO report is available in the client area. The report will also be sent to you through email.

Yes, we have a revision policy and strive hard to ensure that all of our clients are completely satisfied. If you find any problems or have concerns regarding anything in the monthly report, please contact us by email, the client area, or live chat. We guarantee that the issue will be resolved within 24 hours. We also provide emergency assistance for concerns that require rapid attention.

It depends on a variety of circumstances, but for the average firm, ranking for a certain term on Google will become more likely after using our monthly SEO techniques for roughly 4-6 months.

Yes, we will sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to secure your company’s information and data. Our team takes the safety and security of your website extremely seriously. We will treat your personal information with the highest care during our work.