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Keyword Research Services

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If you think of your website as a forest of trees that are developing, keywords are the seeds! They are at the center of everything on a website. The words on your website reflect your business to the rest of the world. And it’s through customer searches that you’ll be found online, thanks to your keywords. The importance of keywords in search engine optimization cannot be overstated (SEO). As a result, choosing the proper keywords is important to the success of your company!

We’ve seen firsthand how choosing the appropriate keywords can build a business into unequaled success after providing the most in-depth, best keyword research service for over a decade. They are the most important components of your website’s content. And we have a specialized team of researchers at Prime IT who can work for you.

We’ll figure out which keywords are the most profitable and least competitive for you and your company. Our team can relieve you of the stress of needing to do your own SEO research or execution, and instead focus on delivering the greatest results!

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Importance of Keyword Research For SEO

Through Organic online searches, more than half of all website traffic comes. If you want to be found online, you need to use the right keywords on your website. The fundamental focus of SEO is keywords. That’s why we’ve spent years honing our skills in order to offer the greatest keyword research services. Failure to conduct research or use incorrect keywords might have long-term consequences for your company.

Keyword research methods and tools evolve over time, just as the average consumer’s preferences and the online search algorithm do. As a result, you’ll require keyword experts to assist you with your SEO research. Our team does research manually because we believe it is the most effective approach to assist our clients.

You may rest assured that if you choose us to handle your keyword research, you’ll be receiving the best.

Various Types of Keyword Research & Choose the Right One For You

SEO keyword research and analysis can be done in a variety of methods. Here’s how we work:

High search volume

We'll conduct a thorough search of the Internet in your business to identify the terms with the most "reasonable" search volumes, defined as those that are neither too high nor too low. Our research aims to strike a balance between relevance and competition.

Long-tail keywords

We offer a long tail keyword research service to help you identify those dedicated buyers who are looking for a certain item. They're a little harder to come by, but they're just as important to have in your business. They will not be missed by our team.

Buying type keywords

The most essential searches are those that suggest the customer is about to make a purchase. We can help you find yours. Fast purchasers usually use specific terms, which we can help you find.

Geolocated Targeted Audience

We'll conduct a thorough search of the Creating a keyword strategy based on local metrics could be beneficial to your company. If necessary, we will focus our study on your company's geographical concerns in order to reach out to a local audience.

Measuring keyword difficulty

Ranking high in search may be more difficult or easier depending on your market and competition for your product or service. In either case, our team will assist you in determining your plan.

Relevancy of keywords

Our research team will determine the most relevant keywords and phrases for your website. We can work together to boost your overall search traffic and your chances of ranking by utilizing them.

Competitor analysis

Analyzing your primary competitors is one of the most significant aspects of keyword research. You'll need to know what the competition is up to, and we can help you get ahead of the game.

Keyword Mapping & Clustering

We'll do our best to figure out which of your main keywords belong together. For a variety of reasons, certain words will be paired together. We'll track down yours and put them into action.

Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization occurs when your site has too many of the same terms, causing the algorithm to become confused. We'll make certain that this does not happen to you.

How Much Time Will Take To Rank On Google 1st Page?

We cannot guarantee a specific period for your page to rank on Google. The algorithms of search engines are always evolving, and there is a lot of rivalries. Every keyword is a battleground for a slew of competitors.

The purpose of SEO, as well as our research service, is to provide businesses with a fighting chance. Our stated goal as a business is to supply your marketing team with the greatest keyword research services, at the proper level of competition, for your company’s online content in order to attract new clients.

The time it takes for your pages to rank after you start implementing the strategy on your site may vary. No matter where you now rank, we guarantee that with our team’s research and work integrated into your site, you will have the highest opportunity of fast ascending your rating!

Step by Step Process We Do For Proper Keyword Research

We have a procedure that we follow each time we are engaged to locate the optimal keywords for you. We’ve done enough keyword research to know where to begin and how to transition from one step to the next. Here’s how we did it, in chronological order:

Understand your Goal

First and foremost, we want to know what your business's goal is. What kind of SEO approach did you use? We can assist you in getting back on track.

Competitor advantages and disadvantages:

We'll adopt the opposite techniques that work and eliminate the ones that don't after analyzing the top players in your industry. With our strategy, you'll be able to duplicate their strengths while focusing on their flaws.

Find your competitors

To find out why, our experts will investigate the industry around you, finding the most successful of your competitors. We compare the companies that have the most effective SEO in place.

Set keyword strategy

We want to uncover the terms that are most important to your company's online success for your website. Finding the correct keywords for you is the ultimate purpose of our work.

Competitive analysis for that specific keyword

Your focus points will be keywords from the competition. We'll evaluate them for benefits and drawbacks, and then set a strategy based on our findings.

Overall finalize reports of keyword research

Our final report will have all of our research and rationalizations documented for your reference, as well as the best keywords supplied to you.

We Are Passionate About Various Types of Keyword Research

Our team has gathered enough knowledge in SEO research to know it inside and out. We’ve been doing this for more than a decade. Every perspective and online keyword analysis has influenced our understanding and is incorporated into our approach.

Local Business

For local businesses, you'll want to focus on your own neighborhood. We will assist you in determining the best methods to do this through our local SEO keyword analysis.


The majority of customer searches are for more immediate purchases. To attract buyers before they move on, your B2C keywords must be adaptable. We've figured out how to get their attention.

Affiliate Marketing

Our team will help you in determining how to build a successful affiliate site. Our Amazon affiliate keyword research expert will assist you in launching your niche website.

Ecommerce Business

There are millions of ecommerce companies worldwide. However, many of them do not use the proper keywords. We know how to get ecommerce sites to the top of search results.


In their web searches, businesses usually hunt for certain words. We also specialize in the differences between B2B keyword research and the more prevalent B2C digital marketing metrics.

Display Ads Keywords

We will supply you with the finest keywords for the maximum ROI if you want to construct a site that targets AdSense, ezonic, or other media monetization services.

Frequently Asked Question

You Could Have Questions in Your Mind We Will Solve Your Queries in This Section.

The time it takes for your new site to rank varies. We’ll provide you with the highest-potential keywords with the least amount of competition. After we’ve completed our work, you’ll be in charge of developing your overall SEO strategy.

There is no assurance that our keywords will bring your website to the top of the search engine results. Our goal, however, is to supply you with the greatest available keywords for your current situation so that you can rank better.

Yes. Our experienced team will work hard to understand your niche and supply you with keywords that are relevant to it.

We keep the average CPC at a minimum of $.50 to $1 if the keywords are for Adsense-based websites for ad income. According to our analysis, this is the best minimum cost to use.

On Ahrefs, we supply keywords with a maximum keyword difficulty (KD) of 0 to 3 in order to keep keyword difficulties to a minimum. On Ahrefs, we keep the KD at a maximum of 0 to 5 for the informational.

The answer is yes, despite the fact that it is uncommon and takes a long time. It’s possible that the level of keyword competition will shift over time. If you notice a severe problem with the keywords in our report within 15 days, we will replace them without hesitation.

Yes, delivering geo-targeted keywords as part of our study is a service we provide. If you have any special requests, please let us know as soon as we start working on them via live chat or our contact form

Because our study is information-based, we are unable to offer a refund policy. We send it to you so you can use it in your web marketing strategy. However, if you are unhappy with the keywords we supply, we will gladly provide you with a replacement set.

We strive to find an optimal balance with our study between low competition keywords – which aren’t regularly searched – and high competition phrases. All of the keywords we supply will have a minimum search volume of 50 or more on Google.

According to our findings, a minimum price range of $50+ is required for niche-oriented keyword research for Amazon products.

In Adsense websites, the minimum search volume for keyword research is 500. While researching keywords, we always keep our clients’ revenue in mind.

You will be given access to a client dashboard after placing an order with us. Your dashboard will receive our report deliverable(s). You can also use that platform to interact with us and ask us any questions.

We provide the entire project to you in 10 to 15 business days, with thorough reports detailing all of our work.

We provide the entire project to you in 10 to 15 business days, with thorough reports detailing all of our work.

Keyword Analysis Tools That We Love To Use

We have used a range of technologies to provide trustworthy research for our clients in our portfolio of work. We approach our research and analysis from several perspectives. Our objective is to give the best keyword research services at an accessible price to our clients.