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Monthly SEO Backlinks Packages

August 25, 202217 mins Read

Monthly SEO Backlinks Packages That Boost Your Ranking

Did you realize that backlinks can help your website rank higher in the Google search results? Backlinks of high quality and authenticity can connect your website to relevant, authoritative sites. With a backlinks plan, your site will build credibility and awareness online over time, increasing your chances of ranking higher in Google SERPs!

Backlinking success needs an investment of time and effort in manually preparing high-quality connections to high-domain and page-authority websites. We can give you a constant, periodic flow of backlinks for your website with our monthly SEO backlinks packages. Our in-house content writers and backlink experts will use their knowledge, skills, and resources to design a thorough monthly link strategy for your website that is 100% manual and ready to improve your business!

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Highest Quality Monthly SEO Backlinks Packages For Our Clients

If you want to purchase the best backlinks, they must have certain characteristics. The following are the main sorts of monthly SEO backlinks packages to think about:

Blogger Outreach

Backlinks from relevant and respected online bloggers can help you expand the reach of your website. You can form a relationship to help you rank higher and faster by developing a strong relationship with a blogger.

Authority Backlink

In order for a campaign to be successful, high authority backlinks are required. These types of backlinks benefit you the most because they have a high domain and page authority in Google's algorithm.

Guest Post Backlinks

Providing great content to a blog in your relevant field once you've formed a relationship with them will help you grow your brand. Backlinks from guest posts allow you to reach new audiences.

Foundation Backlinks

Foundation backlinks increase the authority of your website by allowing inbound links to come from a variety of relevant page categories. High-quality backlinks in your foundation signify that your site's internet dependability is improved.

Relevant Comments Backlinks

Giving your feedback on online content in the comments section can be a useful approach to expanding your brand's reach. You may build high-quality backlinks by participating in online chats.

Social Media Backlinks

Publishing on social sites can be a fun and reliable way to reach out to a larger audience. Backlinks from social media sites give your website yet another way to increase brand awareness.

PBN Backlinks

PBNs, or private blog networks, can let you bring your voice to your niche's community by allowing you to build links. If your PBN is well-managed, linking with it can help you increase your site's authority.

Web 2.0 Backlinks

Backlinks to Web 2.0 sites such as Tumblr, Blogger, Medium, and others can help your site grow as a result of your content. Web 2.0 allows you to distribute your brand over the Internet.

Contextual Backlinks

Contextual backlinks are designed to integrate naturally into content, giving the link room to breathe within the flow of a blog or article. These backlinks are an excellent approach to providing useful, educational connections on your website.

Are SEO Backlinks Influence Ranking Factor In 2022?

Absolutely! One of the most essential factors influencing your Google search score is the number of quality backlinks you have. PageRank, which is at the heart of Google’s ranking system, is built on the basis of backlinks. It’s not just about the number, but also about quality when it comes to backlinking.

In the most recent version of the algorithm, Google takes into account not only the content of your page but also the number of websites or web pages that connect to it and analyzes the quality of those links. In this case, SEO backlink tactics are important for making your site appear trustworthy and valuable to Google searchers. Your website’s search visibility will improve as a result of successful backlinks, increasing your rating on SERPs, indexing your content faster, and growing your overall online traffic.

As a result, SEO backlinks are necessary if you want to rank better on Google. The overall benefit is determined entirely by the sorts, quality, and relevancy of the backlinks you have. This is where SEO experts like Prime IT, who offer monthly link development packages, can help!

Can We Rank Without Doing Backlinks?

A website’s ranking is determined by over 200 SEO factors. Backlinks are one of the most important aspects. For years, links have been one of the most important SEO factors, assisting search engines in determining the quality of content and websites all over the Internet. Is it possible for a website to rank on Google without backlinks?

MOZ, a well-known online SEO expert, looked at the top 50 Google search results for nearly 15,000 different terms to see how backlinks affect SERP ranks. A full 99.2 percent of all websites ranked in the top results had at least one external connection. Furthermore, at least one backlink from another site was found on 78 percent of the top-ranking individual websites.

With a margin of error of 0.8 percent, the survey discovered that no site ranking for targeted keywords did not have at least one backlink.

It would take a long time for a searcher to reach a high-ranking site without an external link. Individual pages can also rank without links, but they are nearly closely correlated with domains that do.

In conclusion, MOZ’s research shows that if you want to rank for specific keywords (which every business should! ), you’ll need backlinks.

Backlinks Quality Samples of Ours

We’ve included a screenshot of Ahrefs rankings below to represent the success of the backlink campaigns we’ve completed for clients. We can provide you with these kinds of results thanks to our unique and complete methodology.

Is It Worth To Purchase Backlinks?

Purchasing backlinks is a common activity in today’s business world. The key measures paying another website to place your site’s relevant link(s) on their pages. This method has shown to be successful for many individuals and businesses, so it is nothing to be ashamed of. Buying backlinks is, in fact, one of the easiest ways to boost a website’s internet authority.

However, in order to avoid any potential risks associated with black or gray hat SEO strategies, successful backlinking requires honest, quality tactics. Backlinking campaigns that use unethical practices might result in severe penalties from Google’s search algorithm.

This is because it is technically against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to buy or exchange backlinks. Any links intended to influence PageRank or a site’s ranking in Google search are considered a violation of Google’s policy, according to the company. This indicates that if you’re detected purchasing or selling backlinks, your site’s search engine ranking could suffer.

As a result, the focus of any business’s SEO strategy should always be on providing relevant, high-quality content. It should be well-optimized on your website, with natural keyword and anchor text placements and, if necessary, your digital footprint is hidden. Other sites will be more likely to link up with you if your content is arranged appropriately in these ways.

When buying backlinks, it’s important to look at SEO services that have been taught to run successful backlink campaigns. Like Prime IT on Facebook! We will deliver the highest quality backlinks with niche relevant content, hidden footprints, and the best, most up-to-date SEO techniques through our affordable link-building services.

How Much Should You Pay For Backlinks?

According to a recent study published on the blog of SEO industry titan ahrefs, the average cost of a backlinks campaign is roughly $350 for a do-follow link from an authoritative website. A do-follow link from a reputable website can cost anywhere from $20 to $500, according to many experts, depending on the site, industry, and other factors.

In general, the cost of backlink campaigns is determined by the following factors: the quality of the connecting site

The actual cost of backlinks is the time and money invested in gaining natural links from authoritative websites. Natural links are the most beneficial type of link you can add to your website because they virtually guarantee that your site’s authority score and rank will improve. Your website will have a better chance of long-term success with quality backlinks, regardless of future Google upgrades.

Contacting an SEO specialist or agency is the best option if you want to develop high-quality links. They specialize in marketing-oriented like yours in achieving high do-follow and no-follow backlinks at a minimal cost. That is, in fact, one of Prime IT’s strengths! We offer monthly SEO backlinks packages for all types of websites and clients, and we have a lot of experience and understanding of how to make backlink campaigns work.

Our Working Pattern For Monthly SEO Backlink Packages

Our backlinking method starts with planning, which is based on our clients’ goals and preferences, and then progresses to manual, reliable delivery. The costs of PIT’s backlink packages are always reasonable and competitive. Let us walk you through the steps of our backlinking strategy:

Stage 1
Backlink Purpose

First and initially, we must determine the goal of your unique backlinks strategy. Depending on your goal, we can provide appropriate advice.

Stage 2
Choose the Links Package

Then you'll select the link plan that best suits your requirements and budget. We'll answer any questions you have and provide further information on the packages as needed.

Stage 3
Complete the Order Form and Checkout

You can fill out our order form on our website. The form will allow you to enter information about your company's website as well as any other relevant data.

Stage 4
Backlinks Execution

Our team will contact over and carry out the backlinks campaign in agreement with your objectives and package specifications. We guarantee that the links will be manually put and will be successful.

Stage 5
Contact and Delivery

When our work is finished and our backlinks output is available, we will notify you. Any feedback is welcome, and we'll make any necessary changes to the links.

Stage 6
We Will Contact

Once we've finished our work and our final output is available, we'll contact you. Any comment is appreciated, and we'll make any necessary changes to the links.

Different Levels of SEO Backlinks?

Backlinks aren’t all created equal! The value of a backlink is determined by its purpose. Backlinks have varying levels of impact on search engine rankings, depending on the type of link and its targeted use.
Blogger Outreach Backlinks, for example, are the most efficient way to acquire valuable backlinks. These types of links are the most reliable strategy to increase referral traffic to your site, improve organic ranks, and index quickly.
Local link outreach, citation building, local directory submission, writing about local events, reaching out to local influencers, and more are all examples of local SEO backlinks. When local SEO strategies are combined with a backlinks strategy, websites can improve their local rankings, attracting more attention from their most relevant target audiences and resulting in actual, immediate sales conversions.
Comment backlinks are usually allowed to include a link back to your site, which can be a great way to gain extra attention for your site by engaging with another piece of content. You must, however, make sure that your comment is authentic and relevant, and that it is posted on a high-quality blog. Comments can help you create relationships with bloggers while also increasing your brand’s visibility.

Foundation Backlink efforts can help you establish your website as a trustworthy source of information and resources in your niche. Numerous links from reputable sites can help you get top rankings for your chosen keywords, specialty, or sector. Release of Information Backlinks can assist your site get a quality backlink by informing media outlets about your newsworthy content. This method can help you gain links to the original press release as well as linked stories from media outlets, broadening the reach of your website.

Overall, each type of backlink has a unique value for each company. What you choose should be based on your objectives and target market.

How Prime IT Maintains Backlink Quality For You

For all of our backlinks efforts, Prime IT’s team of seasoned professionals takes great pride in providing the best quality and secure outcomes. Prime IT has created a proven procedure as a leading provider of monthly SEO backlinks services in Bangladesh and around the world. Some of the most critical aspects of our methodology are listed below:

No Footprint (We use VPN)

We assure you that all of our backlinking attempts do not leave any footprints by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This will ensure the success of your campaign.

Real Websites

We always link to legitimate, trustworthy websites that deliver actual value to real people. Our crew understands that using automated approaches or linking to bot-friendly websites is not a good idea.

Quality Content

Our staff is constantly striving to develop only the greatest quality material, recognizing that this is the most effective strategy to rank. This is likely the most important aspect of a successful backlinks strategy.

Contextual backlinks

By placing contextual backlinks to link organically and in the relevant flow of the content, you give your website the best chance to rank and grow as well.

Natural Link Placement

One of the most effective white hat backlink tactics is natural link placement. Our team has performed these backlinks for a variety of clients and content types.

Mixed Do-Follow/No-Follow Links

Our team uses a balanced mix of both do-follow and no-follow links to your site in order to vary your backlinks strategy and ensure its effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Question

You Could Have Questions in Your Mind We Will Solve Your Queries in This Section.

Yes, but only for Web 2.0 and Foundation backlinks campaigns do we supply login information. Other sorts of backlinks, such as contextual, blogger outreach, and authority backlinks, do not require login information.

We welcome collaborations with all types of specializations. We will gladly cooperate with you as long as your company is not unlawful or involves gambling, drugs, or adult content.

No. We do not deal with websites that are related to gambling, adult content, or criminal activities.

For our backlink efforts, we provide both do-follow and no-follow links. This is performed to verify that the link mix is as diversified as possible.

Yes, our team can assist you with your campaign’s after-sales service. We will examine or amend any links that you request after delivery.

As part of our backlinks packages, we give no ranking guarantees. Finally, due to competition and the ever-changing Google algorithm, SEO is a process with no promises. Our company, on the other hand, guarantees to offer a backlinks strategy that will give you the highest opportunity of ranking.

There is no money-back guarantee with us. We can, however, amend our work as required with our after-sales assistance and communication to fully please you.

Our backlinking procedure is entirely manual, and we refuse to employ any automated or bot software in the process. This is due to the fact that a manual procedure gives you the highest possibility of ranking with backlinks.

Yes, within a limited time frame, we can replace any removed links from our completed campaign. We will replace foundation backlinks within 90 days if they are removed. We will reset removed backlinks from blogger outreach within 180 days. This link substitution is supplied completely free of charge.

Yes, we can provide you with Tier 2 or Tier 3 backlinks. However, while ordering our backlinks service, you must specify this necessity during our initial contact.

The time it takes for our backlinks campaigns to be delivered varies depending on the package. Because different types of links take different amounts of time to finish, the delivery time is determined by your individual backlinks order. Please double-check the details of your chosen strategy when placing your order. The delivery time is usually between 36 and 50 days.

We’ll link to Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, Medium, Blogspot, Wix, and other Web 2.0 sites for backlinks.

There are no ongoing charges. Our backlinks packages, on the other hand, can be given as a one-time or monthly service, according to your preferences. You have the option of purchasing single links or recurring link campaigns. It’s entirely up to you.

Yes, but you should indicate it in your initial correspondence with us when you place an order for our service. We’ll use a drip-feed if it’s necessary.

The number of words depends on the type of backlink. Our contextual backlinks, on the other hand, often have between 650 and 1600 words of content.

Depending on the plan you choose, the number of URLs and keywords delivered varies. The number varies depending on the product.

Yes, we offer backlinks reports that include all important and necessary indicators for you to evaluate. We will send a thorough report with your login details for Web 2.0 and foundation backlinks campaigns. For any other backlink efforts, our reports will not include logins and will only provide you with the relevant reporting metrics.